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AurorA is a Psychic Medium, Channel and Energy Healer. An intuitive at birth, she started remote viewing at age 11 and channeling at age 15. As an adult, AurorA honed her mediumistic, psychic and healing abilities, and began doing private readings, healing sessions, and gallery readings.

She worked as a reader/healer out of New Renaissance Bookstore in NW Portland in 2013 and 2014. Presently, she is part of the leadership for the Metaphysical Fair held on the first Monday of each month at New Renaissance Bookstore and does readings at the fair.

In 2013, she founded a team of channels who channel a collective of light beings called “The Panel.” Together they bring positive messages to assist humanity in raising vibration and shifting human consciousness, all in line with the newer human consciousness levels.

To help empower others, AurorA teaches beginning and advanced classes with Awaken Yourself workshops.

Also interested in the paranormal, she is a medium with the paranormal team known as White Light Paranormal Insight.

AurorA studied Reiki, Theta, Quantum Touch and Matrix Energetics. She created the healing modality Transcendental Transformation to release energy blocks, help people move forward in their lives, make corrections in chakra and energy fields, heal past lives, help to heal illnesses, and more.

She makes handmade gemstone jewelry in her business InnerVoiceLLC. She infuses each piece with positive energy to help remember that at the core of our being “we all are infinite beings of love.” Her passion is to help others to find their own InnerVoice.

Contact AurorA via e-mail at  jros777@yahoo.com or phone 503-332-1277

Contact me to schedule a date and time. Then go to the Sessions page to book the appointment.




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